Final Fantasy XV Sells 5 Million Units in First Days, Breaking Franchise Records

Final Fantasy XV Sells 5 Million Units in First Days, Breaking Franchise Records 1

Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and recent reports reveal that the game is selling extremely well. As industry analyst Daniel Ahmad notes on his Twitter feed, Final Fantasy XV has a sell in of five million units worldwide between digital and physical sales, making it the fastest selling release in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.

Final Fantasy XV’s success is best understood in context. As Ahmad points out, Final Fantasy XIII sold 5.5 million copies worldwide by March 31, 2010, with total lifetime sales hitting over 7 million. The game saw a worldwide release on March 9, but was previously released in Japan on Dec. 2009: raking in 1.7 million copies in Japan within 2009 alone. This explains why Ahmad believes that Square Enix “made sure they sold in at least 1 million units in the Japan market for day 1,” as Square Enix clearly aimed to outdo their previous efforts on the market.

That said, Ahmad warns against the previous problem that Final Fantasy XIII faced: “the quick drop off in demand.” He suggests that consumers should “see if the demand is there for additional shipments,” which would suggest that consumers beyond day one buyers are interested in purchasing the latest addition to the Final Fantasy series.

Nonetheless, Final Fantasy XV‘s success within the game’s first week alone is tremendous for Square Enix. Despite an enormous development cycle and repeated delays, the game’s release suggests that fans around the world are eager for a new single-player experience within the Final Fantasy series. Likewise, the game has been received quite well, with CGMagazine’s Elias Blondeau rewarding Final Fantasy XV a perfect 10/10.

While the official Media Create sales are still being tallied for the week of Nov. 28, check back over the coming days ahead for more news on Final Fantasy XV‘s sales in Japan, the United Kingdom and other regions.

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