First details emerge for Sonic Generations


The next Sonic title will allow you to run through stages in two or three dimensions.

On Monday, Sega officially announced that Sonic Generations will be in stores in time for the holidays. The new Sonic game will celebrate the franchise’s 20th anniversary and – as its name suggests – the game will allow players to experience three different Sonic generations. The generations include the classic 2D Genesis era, the Dreamcast 3D transition, and the modern era with full HD graphics.

Many stages from past Sonic games have been rebuilt for Sonic Generations and players will be able to play in either 2D or 3D. Depending on the dimension, the speedster have access to signature abilities like the spin dash and the spin attack (2D), as well as the homing attack and the Sonic boost (3D).

Thankfully, it’s not all recycled content. Sega has said that Sonic Generations will boast a brand new storyline involving some unknown power that creates rips in space time and pulls Sonic back in time. He’ll then have to team up with his past selves in order to figure out what’s been happening.

Sonic Generations will be available for the Xbox 360 and the PS3.

Source: GameSpot

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