First Strike Games Bring Hard Hitting Talent to New Studio

| March 11, 2016
First Strike Games Bring Hard Hitting Talent to New Studio 2

The Games industry is built on change. As one studio loses staff, another will pick them up and develop new concepts with that talent. First Strike Games is a new studio, and it seems they have collected some talented people from 343 Industries, notably some people that worked on Halo 5.

First Strike Games, founded in March 2016, is a studio that will focus on multiplayer. Little is known of what projects they have in the pipeline yet, but they did manage to give a glimpse of the talent they have worked at the studio.

Kevin Franklin, the CEO and founder of First Strike, is known for being the multiplayer design director for Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, that featured a massive a 24 player multiplayer mode on the Xbox One.

The list does not stop there, though; they also managed to wrangle Brian Lemon, who also worked at 343 as lead multiplayer Producer on Halo 5, and Doug Barnes, who worked on 4v4 mode for Halo 5.

With such an impressive team behind them, all known for Multiplayer, it is excited to think what projects they will do next. With a tagline of “We Make Multiplayer” it is sure to be in that field. They are meeting at GDC this week, so hopefully they will announce their next project in the coming months.

You can find our more from First Strike at their website, located here.

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