Bungie Hires Former Valorant Director Joe Ziegler

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Joe Ziegler, a prominent figurehead at Riot Games and Former Director of Valorant has left Riot Games and joined Bungie.

After a staggering 12-year tenure at Riot Games, four of which have been in the Director role for the popular shooter Valorant, has left Riot Games and joined Bungie as a Game Director all within a month. Joe Ziegler left messages on his personal Twitter account for fans and gamers, regarding the hole left at Riot Games.

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Joe Ziegler stated on December 7, “Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know that after 12 great years at Riot, this week will be my last week. I am departing with a heart full of gratitude for Riot Games and all of you for the amazing memories we’ve shared together. Will update very soon with my next home,” and now fans know where he has landed, in another Tweet posted Tuesday, Ziegler has provided, “Update: Happy to announce my new home is at Bungie working on new stuff that hopefully will one day get to be played by you all. Much <3” as his new position is confirmed.

While Ziegler left the Valorant team back in December of 2021, he was still under the Senior Game Director role for Riot until recently. After a year of work on an undisclosed project, the only news from Ziegler came in 2021 when he hinted at something new he was working on, saying, “As for me, I’ll be starting something new (*wink, secrets…) in the hopes that we can even scratch the surface of the amazing impact VALORANT has already had so far,” according to IGN.

While the Riot Games project that was helmed by Ziegler still hasn’t seen an announcement, neither has his new role at Bungie. While it is confirmed Ziegler will take up the mantle of Game Director with the massive studio acquired by Sony, his position hasn’t been expanded on in any official capacity as of this posting. Fans can follow Joe Ziegler on Twitter for more information as it comes out.

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