Fortnite is Introducing the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy, Gamora

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Gamora was spotted in a teaser, where fans of the comics instantly recognized her, and then Epic Games officially confirmed she was coming to Fortnite in a later tweet.

Gamora can be unlocked in an upcoming event for free if you’d rather save those V-Bucks for another day. (I’m still waiting for Lil Whip to return to the Item Shop.)

Anyone who wants to unlock Gamora for free and early can have the opportunity to do so during the Gamora Cup on August 11th. And while Gamora’s super powerful strength, speed, and stealth abilities won’t be included with her Fortnite appearance, her cloak and weapons are there to grab.

Gamora’s character includes the Cloak Back Bling, Godslayer Pickaxe, and the Godslayer Glideboard. Epic Games also announced Gamora will be paired with Star-Lord in the Item Shop on August 14th at 8 PM ET. The bundle will include the Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Glider.

The Deadliest Woman In The Whole Galaxy, Gamora, Is Coming To Fortnite

If you’d like a chance to unlock Gamora, her character items, and more than be sure to participate in the Gamora Cup on August 11th. The cup rules are simple. Epic Games says players and their “Duo partner will have 3 hours to earn as many points as you can in ten games. The top-performing teams in each region will receive the Gamora Outfit and Gamora Cloak Back Bling. Anyone who earns at least 8 points will earn the Daughter of Thanos Spray.”

The point structure is similar to previous Fortnite cup events, but the full details are available on the Epic Games website. Most of the recent characters in Fortnite are from DC and Warner properties, but it looks Marvel characters may be continuing the fight as the Invasion chapter continues.

Fans love crossovers and the word ‘IP’ hasn’t been spoken more ever than in the last few months, in part from the consistent and steady corporate consolidation that’s taken place in most industries but especially across media and entertainment. I would like to leave, please.

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