Fortnite Leaks Hints at Delay or Scrapped Release of DC Skins

| August 31, 2021
Fortnite Leaks Hints at Delay or scrapped Release of DC Skins

Over the last couple of years, collaborative character skins have been synonymous with Fortnite, and it seems more DC character skins may or may not be coming according to a known data miner.

It wouldn’t be a first that skins of beloved DC characters have made their way to the battle royale game and grab the attention of players in the community. Although, according to a leak from a data miner known as HYPEX more may not be coming.

Those skins include the release of two upcoming Suicide Squad characters. King Shark and Weasel have been either delayed to a later time, put on hiatus or scrapped altogether. If there is a chance of one of these characters being released, it seems likely more time would be put into King Shark as the character is more beloved with his resurgence in the recent James Gunn’s Suicide Squad movie, the upcoming Rocksteady-developed Suicide Squad game and most notably in Harley Quinn’s R-rated animated cartoon.

HYPEX’s leak does confirm those previously upcoming skins aren’t just limited to DC but other characters too. Thoe other delayed/scrapped skins include Jester (Male, Female & King?), Jurassic Archaeology (Male), Male counterpart of Komplex and a male Halloween skin from Save The World. According to the HYPEX leak, Epic Games is still planning to release multiple skins to Fortnite, it just remains to be seen if the listed skins will be part of Epic’s plans.

One other Fortnite DC skin that wasn’t mentioned in the HYPEX leak is Cyborg. According to a leak from another popular data miner, ShiinaBR, Cyborg and another Justice League member have apparently been internally delayed. A possible reason for the delay was to let Fortnite developers focus more on developing the already released Superman and Wonder Woman skins. Superman is available through in-game challenges, and Wonder Woman can be purchased in the Item Shop and was available to win in the Wonder Woman Cup that took place on August 18th.

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