Fortnite Dances Onto Next-Gen Day 1

Fortnite Dances Onto Next-Gen Day 1
Joining the ever-expanding list of games receiving next-gen updates, Fortnite players can pick up where they left off right away with their new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S systems.

Epic Games confirmed the details of their juggernaut’s leap into the next generation of console hardware. Fortnite will be available on all new systems from their respective launch dates, and players will only need to download it and log in to their accounts to carry over existing data from current hardware, meaning all of your favourite cosmetics will still be available.

Fortnite - Chapter 2 | Official Site | Epic Games
Fortnite is making the leap to next-gen with a host of improvements. (Epic Games)

The next-gen version of Fortnite will benefit from stronger hardware, as well. Players on either system can enjoy 4K 60 FPS visuals, enhanced split-screen multiplayer in 60 FPS, and faster load times. In-game visuals will be more dynamic, with vegetation blowing in the wind generated by explosions, improved effects for smoke and liquid, and “all-new Storm and cloud effects.” Matchmaking speed will be improved, cutting down not only loading times but the process of getting into a match from start-up as well.

PlayStation 5 players will get an even more immersive experience with the DualSense controller. Improving upon the basic controller vibrations, haptic trigger feedback will be added for ranged weapons. The User Experience’s Activities feature is supported, allowing players to jump straight into the Battle Royale Lobby with their preferred squad size (Solo, Duo, or Squad) selected. (No word if other features of the UX, like Game Help, will also be supported at this time.)

Meanwhile Xbox Series X players alone will be able to play in 1080p at 60 FPS.

To commemorate the occasion, players on all supported platforms can receive a free Throwback Axe Pickaxe between November 4 and January 15.

Fortnite will be available as a free download on Xbox Series X|S on November 10, and on PlayStation 5 November 12.

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