Fortnite Sandbox Mode Announced, New Skins Leak

| December 5, 2018
Fortnite Sandbox Mode Announced, New Skins Leak 1

On the eve of Fortnite’s seventh season, the dev team has announced an all-new sandbox mode that launches tomorrow. 

The mode is called Fortnite Creative and it’s a brand new in-game experience that allows players to design custom games and goof around on their own private island. The feature will be available tomorrow for Battle Pass subscriber, and on December 13th for all players. The Fortnite devs say that the mode will not be time-limited and that it will receive updates in the coming months. 

Also in Fortnite news, a trio of skins for tomorrow’s seventh season leaked today via Apple’s App Store. The leak features a blue Diablo-looking costume, a biker dwarf that looks very similar to Overwatch’s Torbjorn, and a skin that resembles a female version of Black Panther

Fortnite Sandbox Mode Announced, New Skins Leak
The familiar looking trio.

The timing of the leak is interesting and it could very well have been the Fortnite dev team’s  way to get the excitement rolling for the game’s seventh season, and given the fact that it leaked on the App Store this could be a tactic to get more people to try out the mobile version of the game. That being said, the leaked skins no longer appear on the App Store and it’s very possible that the artwork was simply posted a day too early.

As a game, Fortnite continues to do astoundingly well.  A few weeks ago it became the highest played game of all time, as it crossed the 200 million user count. It is also by far the most played title on game-streaming giant Twitch and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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