Galacide Soars Onto Consoles October 23

| October 13, 2020
Galacide Soars Onto Consoles October 23 1

Console gamers will now get to experience the genre-mashing fun of Galacide when it releases on current platforms later this month.

Developed by indie studio Puny Human, Galacide combines the frantic action of shoot ’em ups (SHMUPS) and the puzzle mechanics of a match-3 for a truly unique experience, requiring players to maneuver through hordes of enemy crafts while solving puzzles, keeping an “increasing mass of deadly alien technology at bay.” Defeated enemies drop coloured scrap, which can be fired to match at least 4 same-coloured blocks and clear a path.

Galacide Combines The Shmup And Match-3 Genres.
Galacide combines the SHMUP and match-3 genres. (Puny Human)

The console release includes a full suite of playable modes: Campaign, 4-player local co-op, Endless Play, and a calmer, violence-free Puzzle Mode. Four different classes of ships allow for strategic teambuilding — take the Freighter for durability, the Phase Ship for speed, the Military Ship for power, or the Mining Ship for an balanced experience. Along the way players will navigate a variety of locations, like asteroid fields and junkyards.

The unique puzzle-shooter first released on Steam in 2015, where it holds a positive fan reception. “We’re extremely pleased to bring Galacide to consoles,” said Puny Human’s Studio Director, Michael Sanders, calling it “the perfect fit for couch co-op sessions and a great way to add some fun to a long commute.”

Galacide launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on October 23.

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