Game Boy Advance Leak Suggests Busy Year For Nintendo Fans

Game Boy Advance Leak Suggests Busy Year For Nintendo Fans

It seems like fans of Golden Sun and Wario Land 4 will finally get to play those games again if this Game Boy Advance leak is to be believed.

Yesterday, Twitter user Trash_Bandacoot posted images of a Game Boy Advanced Emulator running on a Nintendo Switch. Speculation and fan theories went wild once people noticed the Tweet, which now has over 24 thousand likes and over 4 thousand retweets. In that tweet, there were images of what looked to be Super Mario World: Super Advanced 2 and a Mario Vs. Donkey Kong game in action on the Switch. A now-deleted account went a step further by showing footage of the emulators playing those games.

The emulator in question is called “Sloop” which is likely being developed for Nintendo Switch Online. Previously, Nintendo added Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games to the service along with a new tier, the Expansion Pass. This led to some controversy among fans as some felt it didn’t go far enough in adding value to the service while others felt like it was substantial enough and didn’t mind paying the extra $30.

Game Boy Advance Leak Suggests Busy Year For Nintendo Fans
Nintendo Switch Online

There was also a rumour reported last August that came from a data mine which led to four emulators being uncovered, one of which was for Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games. However, it’s worth mentioning that none of this has been confirmed by Nintendo themselves. The most recent leak was posted on 4Chan so that right there should raise some questions about its credibility. Although, there were a few accounts on Twitter that said the leak was legitimate. Whether this is real remains to be seen. Until an official announcement from Nintendo, that is.

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