Game Freak says no to evil Pokemon trainers


The Pokemon developer refuses to let fans join forces with the villainous Team Rocket.

In an interview with The Official Nintendo Magazine, Pokémon Black and White director Junichi Masuda was asked if players would ever have the chance to play as the villainous Team Rocket, and he made it clear that a Team Rocket Pokémon game won’t be happening anytime soon.

“That’s a difficult question to answer. But when you think about Team Rocket, while they’re quite comical, they’re still bad guys when they try to steal other trainers’ Pokémon,” said Masuda.  “Imagine watching football on TV, for example – you want them to play fair. I want players to play as heroes in video games, and I want them to play fair.”

Pokémon has been essentially the same game for well over a decade, so it’s a bit disappointing to learn that Masuda won’t even consider a potentially innovative new perspective. It looks like we’re going to be subjected to yet more quests to be the very best, and those hoping to join Team Rocket will have to learn to recite the motto when nobody is listening.

Source: ONM

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