The Games For Change Festival: All You NEED To Know!

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The Games For Change Festival unites gamers annually from all walks of life to enjoy how video games can push boundaries and do social good, here is what you need to know!

There are many annual events in the gaming space that allow gamers to celebrate a common interest, video games. The Games For Change Festival aims to go beyond a mere celebration and dares to invent new ways games and immersive media can help solve some of today’s most urgent issues around education, mental health, diplomacy, climate crisis, and more. But, while also celebrating gaming, some of the biggest voices behind the industry are all aboard for the G4C Festival 2023.

The Huge Games For Change Festival All You Need To Know 23033103 2

Speaking of some of the biggest voices in the industry, Games For Change industry leads present and contribute to the overall message G4C is trying to convey. The event has pulled back the curtain on its first round of speakers attending the event, and there are some BIG names (provided by G4C).

Games For Change Festival 2023 Confirmed Speakers

The Huge Games For Change Festival All You Need To Know 23033103 1
  • Gabo Arora ⏤ Award-winning Emerging Technology Pioneer, Professor, Entrepreneur, and former UN Diplomat
  • Gordon Bellamy ⏤ Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California; President and CEO, Gay Gaming Professionals
  • Ryan Douglas ⏤ Co-Founder, Deepwell; Founder, Nextern
  • Burcu Kilic ⏤ Head of Policy, Frontier Technology, Minderoo Foundation
  • Alx Preston ⏤ Founder and Creative Director, Heart Machine; Co-Founder, Glitch City
  • Kellee Santiago ⏤ Head of Production, Niantic
  • Mike Wilson ⏤ Co-Founder, Deepwell; Co-Founder, Devolver Digital

G4C President Susanna Pollack said, “Looking back at the past two decades, it’s incredible to see the tremendous growth of the global Games for Change community and the excitement around using games and immersive media to drive tangible impact.”

She continued, “To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we’re looking forward to bringing the community together again to explore how we can continue to harness these media for positive change. We’re proud to have brought together diverse and inspiring speakers from across sectors over the years, and our first speakers announced for this year are no exception” regarding the 2023 Festival.

Games For Change Festival tickets are available now through their website along with all of the other available information surrounding the event, and G4C takes place from July 18 until July 20, in New York City.

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