Microsoft Games With Gold August 2016 Selections Revealed

Microsoft Games With Gold August 2016 Selections Revealed 1

Microsoft revealed their August 2016 selections for their Games With Gold program.

The entire month of August, Xbox One players can download Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. Starting August 15th, WWE 2K16 will be available for download until September 15th.

Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is an updated version of Warriors Orochi 3, a crossover series between the long running Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors franchises. The game lets you play as over 120 playable characters from both franchises and as well as other popular franchises like Dead or Alive and Ninja Gaiden, battling in intense hack-and-slash gameplay against massive armies. WWE 2K16 is the most recent edition in the long-running pro wrestling game series, featuring over 120 playable wrestlers, a MyCareer mode, and a showcase focusing on the career of wrestling icon “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Meanwhile, Xbox 360 players can download Spelunky from August 1st to August 15th, followed by Beyond Good and Evil HD from August 16th to August 31st.

Spelunky is a popular indie platformer, where players will search for hidden treasure in procedurally generated levels. Beyond Good and Evil HD is an updated port of the cult classic action-adventure, where players play investigative reporter Jade as she attempts to uncover a massive alien government conspiracy.

Games With Gold provides free games every month for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Xbox One owners can play all 4 of these titles, as Xbox 360 Games With Gold selections are backwards-compatible. Users can download the games through the Xbox’s online Store, or through the Xbox website. Once the game is downloaded, players have unlimited access to each game, as long as they retain their Xbox Live Gold subscription. Xbox 360 players can keep their titles after downloading it during the free period, regardless of their subscription afterward.

Xbox owners can still download the current selections for Games With Gold, which include The Banner Saga 2, Tumblestone and Tron Evolution.

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