GameStop Commends Microsoft’s Decision to Support Used Games

| Jun 20, 2013
GameStop Commends Microsoft’s Decision to Support Used Games

Following Wednesday’s announcement of Microsoft revising its policies for the Xbox One, GameStop is delighted to hear Microsoft has indeed supported the used game market.

“GameStop welcomes [yesterday’s] announcement from Microsoft about changes in functionality for its next-generation console, the Xbox One,” Kyle Stephenson, GameStop’s PR coordinator, tells Comics and Gaming Magazine in a statement. “This is great news for gamers and we applaud Microsoft for understanding consumers and the importance of the pre-owned market.”

Microsoft’s President of Interactive Entertainment Business Don Mattrick acknowledged the feedback and comments regarding the Xbox One. With that, he announced two important changes to Xbox One’s policy: an Internet connection won’t be required to play offline Xbox One games; and owners could trade, resell, rent or gift games as they would with the Xbox 360.

Previously, on June 6, Microsoft announced could be share only once, and with someone the player has known for more than 30 days on Xbox Live. Under this condition, retailers would have to sign up with Microsoft to resell Xbox One games.

GameStop generates the majority of their profit from used game and hardware sales. Now that Microsoft’s Xbox One has fully welcomed the pre-owned market with open arms, GameStop would be pleased with fostering the next chapter of retailing used next-generation titles.

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