GeForce Now Adds Demos Playable Through the Cloud

| April 7, 2022
GeForce Now Adds Demos Playable through the Cloud

GeForce has revealed that a new Demo feature is rolling onto its cloud streaming service, GeForce Now this week which will allow players to play a selection of games before they buy, all through the cloud, so no download is necessary to test them out.

The announcement of demos was a part of its weekly ‘GFN Thursday’ post, the service is set to roll out this week. GeForce Now members can try out the game before they are inclined to purchase the full experience of the game on PC storefronts like stores like Steam, Epic Games Store, Ubisoft Connect, GoG, and more. The library of demos will kick off with a small collection of games, for now at least, as more are expected to be added in the future.

Some of those titles being offered include Chorus, Ghostrunner, Inscryption, Diplomacy Is Not an Option, and The RiftBreaker Prologue. Nvidia adds free-to-play demos from the finalists from last year’s Epic MegaJam will also be added GeForce Now later which will include Boti Boi developed by the Purple Team and Microwasp Seekers developed by Partly Atomic.

The feature is a long time coming for the service in a world of “free” experiences players are getting through services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus which is set to introduce its own expanded free trials in June through its Premium tier. Also revealed in the GFN Thursday announcement is that Die After Sunset, Elderborn, Northgard, Offworld Trading Company, Spirit Of The Island and Tunic are all joining the GeForce NOW library as a part of its weekly additions.

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The addition of GeForce Now’s self-described “instant play free demos” looks to be inspired by Stadia’s similar offerings. The demos in question will be similar to the downloadable variants on other platforms so GeForce Now members won’t need to worry about how long they can play other than the time limits on free accounts, Priority members, and RTX 3080 subscribers. Unlike Stadia, which has no-account signup, you will need an active GeForce Now account in order to play these free demos.

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