GUNNAR Optiks Unveil Lightning Bolt 360 Gaming Glasses

GUNNAR Optiks Unveil Lightning Bolt 360 Gaming Glasses
GUNNAR Optiks is announcing the release of their Lightning Bolt 360 gaming glasses to give stay-at-home players longer sessions without added eye strain and blue light exposure. The blue-light resistant lens also increases performance for all types of players across local or full-scale warfare during tournaments.

In a release, the company stated its glasses could also be used around any electronic device to increase screen time without the added negative effects that come from watching a monitor. Its lens, interchangeable with Amber or Sun, contain filters which add a raw blue-light repellent which adds relief and comfort for a wearer’s eyes. The Lightning Bolt 360’s versatility also offers “6 pairs of glasses in one,” through customizable parts.

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These include a base frame users can swap with interchangeable temples for different types of heads, as well as a few nose bridge designs for the Lightning Bolt 360 to fit snugly without slipping off. Gamers on the go can also protect their glasses with a glasses pouch or locker case, which keeps the other accessories together for a quick change. Its “lightning bolt” design is also designed for soft wrapping around the wearer’s temple – a feature that comes in handy with headset users. Through a classic, post/slim or strap, wearers can try out multiple fits to build their own form factor right out of the box.

The interchangeable lens provide 100 per cent UV protection, letting users play their games outside with some fresh air on long summer days without added glare.

GUNNAR Optiks also unveiled three special edition frames for the LB360, tailored for wearers in standard GUNNAR, 6 Siege (as a tie-in with Rainbow Six: Siege) and an ESL edition in a partnership with the eSports gaming network. You can purchase the Lightning Bolt 360 glasses online through GUNNAR’s website starting at $129.99. A premium prescription for the LB360 can also be bought from +2.00 to -2.00 for $350.

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