Gunnar Intercept Glasses (Hardware) Review

Gunnar Intercept Glasses (Hardware) Review 4
| Mar 31, 2014

Gunnar has been churning out some sweet eye-tech for a few years now, so it was no big surprise when the Intercept series was launched. Aimed to be both stylish and effective, this line of eye-wear comes in five different colors, and sports a modern hip design. But in the end, despite the advancements and protection the glasses give consumers, they fail to add any “cool factor,” looking both clunky and silly for any observers.

The main point behind Gunnar glasses is to protect users, allowing them to avoid eye-strain and fatigue. This, it did great. I spent long days playing One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 and Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, and at no point did my eyes hurt whatsoever. Unfortunately, they did little to make the contrast look better, and I found myself removing the glasses every now and then to see a better version of the vibrant colors Pirate Warriors 2 had to offer. The idea that the experience has an aesthetic enhancement is ridiculous, and players are better off without the glasses for graphical experiences. I’d also recommend using the glasses every day, as it’s easier to accept the changed contrast if you use them on a regular basis. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to get used to the change each time gaming occurs in your household.


The look and design is what appealed least to me. I have accepted how dorky I looked wearing these glasses, and at no time would I want to wear them as a prescription replacement. Herein lies the biggest issue with the glasses. In the modern age, glasses have become something of a stylish status symbol. In other words, an element of expression. Gunnar glasses look like I’m about to enter a virtual reality room or go see a 3D movie. At no point did I feel comfortable wearing these in public, so potential buyers, you might want to stick with a non-prescription copy.

Finally, there is the question of durability. And in this instance, Gunnar shines once again. The thick material for the frames is both welcoming and reliable. To put it bluntly, users won’t need to replace their Gunnar glasses for many years to come. And that’s something that most prescription glasses seem to ignore. Instead of a good warranty, why not have a pair of durable glasses?


In short, Gunnar glasses make sense for hardcore and competitive gamers, but they also take away from the screen, which can dull the experience. If you are into fighting titles, you need these glasses as all that training will wear down on you quick without some sort of third-party support. Otherwise, these serve as a great help for long gaming binges. As far as style though, users will just have to accept that they look like big dorks, because there’s no way you can pull these off in a bar.

Final Thoughts

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