Gunnar Torpedo-X Razer Edition Review

Gunnar Torpedo-X Razer Edition Review
Gunnar Torpedo-X Razer Edition Review 4
Torpedo-X Razer Edition
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Gunnar has a relatively large presence in the gaming market for their fantastic glasses technology that prevents the harmful “blue light” emitting from your screens. Their recent collaboration with the largest gaming company, Razer, has created the Torpedo-X Razer Edition. While sleek and stylish, they are also very effective at blocking out blue lights to enhance your gaming experience. For only around $80, you can have a hand at trying them out.

The Torpedo-X does a fantastic job preventing eye strain and fatigue whenever I decide to have a long gaming session on Eternal Return or Valorant with my friends. Without these glasses, my eyes tend to become heavy whenever I stare at the screen for an extended period of time, but now I was able to concentrate on the game without the dreaded feeling of being dead inside.

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Gunnar implemented their patented “Amber” lens, which blocks out 65% of the blue shades radiating off your electronic screens. While tinted yellow, they are also semi-rimless and designed to be wide for the optimal panoramic experience for wide-monitors users. The yellow-tinted lenses also drastically improve your game’s visual sharpness, but it takes some time to get used to the added contrast.

What appealed to me the most was the slim design of the Torpedo-X. The Razer signature green/black colour scheme really went well with these glasses. It sure does look a lot better than another Gunnar product reviewed on CGM back in 2014; they really went off and made a goofy 3D glasses design. This time, the Torpedo-X felt stylish enough to wear in public without being judged, and before you go saying that these glasses are not meant for outdoor use, they double as sunglasses since Gunnar boasted that their 100% UV Protection coating shields the eyes from ultraviolet rays as well. In addition to that, Gunnar also added an anti-reflective and smudge-resistant coating that made it easy to wipe down any fingerprints.

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As far as unboxing the Torpedo-X, it was certainly a pleasant experience to unwrap the plastic wrap and slide the box out of the cover. Coming along with the glasses, the package also contained the interchangeable straps, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and the microfiber carrying pouch to store the glasses in. Wearing glasses under a headset can sometimes be a little jarring, but the Torpedo-X was light as a feather, weighing 26 grams. Even if you find some discomfort wearing these, the included interchangeable strap allows you to snap the temples right off after locating the release button, and then you can attach these straps. The straps should remove most of the pressure on your nose and your head while wearing a headset.

You know that feeling when you decide to binge-watch YouTube videos for 2 hours late at night? That happens quite often for me, to be honest, and the same goes for movies. Usually, it would be difficult to stare at the screen, especially when bright, vibrant colours are being shown. The Torpedo-X solves this problem.  I spent a lot of time watching anime and other TV series past midnight, and I am confident that these glasses made it much easier to focus on the shows I want to watch.  

“…my expectations for the Torpedo-X were easily exceeded”

The same goes for video games; it is tough to focus during a match while being blinded by flashing lights. It happens pretty often on Valorant simply due to the nature of the experience. This problem is mainly eliminated after wearing the Torpedo-X since it helps make images sharper for you to get that one last shot in doing your objective. My experience with wearing them made it easier to aim at my target without squinting my eyes to get a better focus. That said, you should wear glasses when staring at a screen at night; it isn’t good and disrupts your sleeping pattern if you don’t. Eye fatigue can be a pain. 

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Despite being glasses, they are made to be durable. There are many risks to the glasses; it could snap, the lens could crack, or even the frame could be bent. There are times I fall asleep while wearing these during a movie and I never felt worried about the Torpedo-X. Due to being made of high quality nylon these are glasses that could last you years, meaning a while before you need to invest in a new pair.

My expectations for the Torpedo-X were easily exceeded. They are great for everyday use that isn’t limited to hardcore gaming can make these very versatile to have in your hand. If you have enough to spare in your wallet and you find yourself staring at a screen for a very long time, I highly recommend these glasses for the protection your eyes need from the constant blue light being emitted from practically every household device.

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