Hammer Storm Brings Back Old Favourites and More to Halo 5

| February 24, 2016
Hammer Storm Brings Back Old Favourites and More to Halo 5 1

Halo players looking for some shiny new content don’t have to wait, the Hammer Storm update is out today with a flashy trailer to show off all that’s new and coming.

With some new maps and some returning favourites, there’s a lot to get to. Hammer Storm brings back the classic game type, Grifball, as well as Fiesta with all its random weapon-spawning hilarity and rounding out the game-types is Assault.

The new map, Torque has been added; this symmetrical map is built for Capture the Flag and Assault gameplay.

New weapons have been added, including the Gravity Hammer and the Magnum from Halo CE. The pistol even comes with the classic death animation from Halo when headshot.

There are also new REQ items, this adds to the amount of weapon skins, visors, assassinations, weapon attachments, stances and emblems.

Forge also gets to see some love with the new ball mechanics; this will help creators to make more interesting custom content, building off of game-types like Grifball and Assault.

Planned for future release, 343 Industries has promised that Warzone Firefight will be making a return later this year. They’ve included a handy graphic at the end of the trailer as a bit of a roadmap for what’s already out and what’s planned.

It looks like Ghosts of Meridian is planned for release next.

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