HBO to adapt Neil Gaiman’s American Gods for TV

| Apr 18, 2011

The gods are coming to HBO.

HBO has announced that a television series based on Neil Gaiman’s 2001 Hugo award-winning novel American Gods is currently in the works. Gaiman will be adapting his novel for TV along with Oscar-winning cinematographer Robert Richardson (Shutter Island, Inglorious Bastards).

The basic concept behind American Gods is that gods and other mythological creatures continue to exist and draw their power from human belief. As belief fades, so does the associated god, and there are always new deities waiting to replace the old. The actual story begins after an ex-convict named Shadow is hired as a bodyguard by a con-man who calls himself Mr. Wednesday, and follows the two as they travel across the United States to recruit the American incarnations of ancient gods for a war with ‘modern’ gods like the Internet and the media.

Gaiman is best known for his work on the Sandman series of graphic novels, while some of his other works – including Stardust and Coraline – have previously been adapted into films.

American Gods will be produced by Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman’s Playtone, the production company responsible for HBO’s Band of Brothers and The Pacific. We don’t yet know when the series will air or even when production will begin, but the interesting premise should make it a show worth watching once it comes to TV.

Source: About.com

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