Heroes of the Storm: Warchrome Wastes Puts the Pedal to the Metal

| Jul 3, 2018
Heroes of the Storm: Warchrome Wastes Puts the Pedal to the Metal 3

Heroes of the Storm players will soon witness a new, shiny, and chrome update. If Garrosh’s Mad Axe skin and the Road Boar mount aren’t enough to drive the Nexus into a post-apocalyptic stage, then this Warchrome Wastes update surely will.

The Raiders of Warchrome will be ready for battle next patch as the engines rev, the smell of diesel is in the air, and the dust flies. Among these fighters are Raynor, Azmodan, and Nazeebo, who are getting new skins.

Heroes of the Storm: Warchrome Wastes Puts the Pedal to the Metal 1
Helldorado mounts and new Azmodan and Nazeebo skins. Images provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Additional skins that are in development include ones for Arthas, Gul’dan E.T.C., and Samuro. A legendary Helldorado mount will also be available along with fiery Warchrome portraits, only adding to the Heroes of the Storm Warchrome Wastes theme.

For Heroes of the Storm players who can’t wait to get their hands on the new Warchrome skins right after launch, the in-came store has got them covered with the Raiders of Warchrome Bundle. Skin packs for Azmodan, Nazeebo, and Raynor will also be purchasable during the week of July 10 and can be bought with gems until Aug. 6.

Heroes of the Storm: Warchrome Wastes Puts the Pedal to the Metal
Celestial Billie mount. Image provided by Blizzard Entertainment.

Players who purchase a bundle of gems starting the week of July 10 will also get an adorable Celestial Billie mount.

This high-octane update will be available in the next Heroes of the Storm patch, or, as Garrosh would say, “Soon. Very soon.”

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