Hi-Rez Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Gameplay Trailer Released

| Aug 13, 2015
Hi-Rez Mirror's Edge: Catalyst Gameplay Trailer Released - 2015-08-13 09:12:40

It is no secret that we at CGMagazine are fans of the Mirror’s Edge series. The first game gave us a look at a style of game we had not seen in a while, a game built on the concept of running rather then shooting. It played on the power fantasy most games provide, and required players to think about the surroundings in a different way. With the latest installment, DICE is pushing this concept, taking away the need for guns and focusing on player movement and the ability to use their environment to their advantage.

Now EA has released a trailer demonstrating some of what players can do in the world of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst. It is only a taste of what the full game will show, but it does give a concept of the world and the way you will play. It is hard to say how the full game will play like, but if it is anything like the demo we got a chance to try at E3, this should be an exciting installment.


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