Hi-Rez Studios Adds New Champion Ash For Paladins Beta

| June 1, 2017
Hi-Rez Studios Adds New Champion Ash For Paladins Beta

Paladins received its newest update, patch OB51, which gives the multiplayer hero arena shooter a new playable champion Ash, known as the War Machine.

Ash enters the Paladins fray and brings with her an aggressive set of abilities, honed to knock opponents back, allowing her to assert herself and take charge, dominating the battlefield. In use, her character can be described as being an offensive AoE attacker champion. Her abilities include Burst Cannon, her primary attack, which consists of a heavy mid-range attack that can ricochet and do damage in a wide area of effect.  Her alternate primary attack is known as Kinect Burst, which causes a three-pronged knock back burst shot, which when fired pushes enemy players back, opening up opportunities for moving forward and creating choke points during intense matches.

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Ash’s first support ability is Siege Shield. When cast, Ash will deploy a wide moving shield that blocks all enemy fire, allowing her team to advance forward.  Ash also has an ability known as Shoulder Bash, which like the name suggests, has Ash winding up and then unleashing a strong forward charge using the blunt force of her weapon, hurling enemy players back in an arc. Finally, Ash’s ultimate move, Assert dominance has her plant a flag anywhere she chooses, creating an AoE in which she is immune to enemy damage. This grants the player with opportunities to wreck havoc on the opposing team.

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