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Cthulhu Coming To Smite In Mid-June 2020

Cthulhu Coming to SMITE in Mid-June 2020

 |  Clement Goh
Cthulhu is coming as a featured character in Hi-Rez Studios’ free-to-play MOBA SMITE, adding another notable deity to the game’s collection. In a release, Hi-Rez stated the iconic character from H.P Lovecraft’s stories is “set to be one of the most memorable God releases” in the game’s history while it fits under SMITE‘s Great Old […]
Realm Royale: Action-Packed Fantasy Battle Royale Coming To Ps4 And Xbox One

Realm Royale: Action-Packed Fantasy Battle Royale Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

 |  Amy Chen
Hi-Rez Studios just announced that Realm Royale will be coming to the PS4 and Xbox One.
Hi-Rez Studios Announces Realm Royale, Available Now On Steam

Hi-Rez Studios Announces Realm Royale, Available Now on Steam

 |  Zubi Khan
Hi-Rez Studios announced today, that their latest project, Realm Royale is available now on Steam Early-Access. Realm Royale is a new class-based take on the Battle Royale genre. Hi-Rez promises that Ream Royale is unique in that it offers players a spin on the beloved survival genre, due to the game heavily utilizing a class-based […]
Smite Season 5 Kicks Off With Revamped Map And New God 4

SMITE Season 5 Kicks Off With Revamped Map And New God

 |  Zubi Khan
SMITE Season 5 begins with a slew of new content, to kick off the new year.
Hi-Rez Drops Smite Rpg Dungeon Update

Hi-Rez Drops SMITE RPG Dungeon Update

 |  Jesse Cabral
Hi-Rez Studios has released a new SMITE adventure titled “The Trials of King Hercules.”
Hi-Rez Studios Adds New Champion, Ash For Paladins Beta

Hi-Rez Studios Adds New Champion Ash For Paladins Beta

 |  Zubi Khan
Paladins received its newest update, patch OB51, which gives the multiplayer hero arena shooter a new playable champion Ash, known as the War Machine.
Smite Tactics Gets A Name Change

SMITE Tactics gets a Name Change

 |  Zubi Khan
Smite Tactics has now been officially given a proper name by Hi-Rez Studios — Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics.
Hi-Rez Studio Brings Paladins Champions Of The Realm To The Nintendo Switch

The Paladins Console Open Beta Officially Kicks Off

 |  Tyler Jones
Hi-Rez Studios has finally unveiled the announcement that so many Paladins fans have been craving. It is now official; this PC shooter can now be played for free on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Paladins Beta Patch 47 Goes Live On Pc 1

Paladins Beta Patch 47 Goes Live on PC

 |  Tyler Jones
The day has finally arrived Paladins fans; Beta patch 47 goes live on PC today.
Smite Celebrates Its Third Birthday 1

Hi-Rez Reveals SMITE User Numbers

 |  Remington Joseph
Hi-Rez Studios, developer of the game SMITE is currently celebrating the title’s third birthday on March 25, 2017 and in that time, they’ve racked up some impressive numbers.

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