SMITE Crossed Over With Magic: The Gathering for Season of Monsters

mtg crosses over with smite during the year 10 season of monsters 23012401 1

The third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) SMITE has just gathered a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) crossover event that will remain active for the whole Season of Monsters.

It’s no secret that Magic: The Gathering thrives on crossovers and collaborations, just viewing the huge SecretLair drop catalogue will reveal there is almost no crossover too ‘out there’ for MTG to sink itself into, including the likes of Stranger Things and even Fortnite. This time however, Magic: The Gathering sees itself inserted into SMITE, by the way of popular character skins, into the MOBA title that will allow for Magic-flavoured antics spanning the massive three-month campaign Season of Monsters. This is part of the celebration of SMITE‘s Year 10 celebration, which features Surtr, The Fire Giant as a new playable hero, see him in action below in a cinematic trailer.

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SMITE will also implement a brand new map for the Conquest mode, new monsters, structures, objectives, and more for the exciting new season that can be played TODAY by fans. Regarding the MTG crossover, five huge Magic: The Gathering legends will grace the SMITE battlefields as high-quality skins for existing heroes, which can be purchased in the shop either directly for 1200 gems or in a chest for 600 gems. This event includes FREE rewards for all players and a wealth of cosmetics, such as the ‘Power Nine’ loading frame. The MTG skins and the legends they’re based on is listed below, as well as their appearances on MTG cards:

Mtg Crosses Over With Smite During The Year 10 Season Of Monsters 23012401
  • Hero Atlas as MTG legend Karn
  • Hero Nu Wa as MTG legend Liliana Vess
  • Hero Pele as MTG legend Chandra Nalaar
  • Hero Thanatos as MTG legend Atraxa
  • Hero Yu Huang as MTG legend Jace Beleren

While Season of Monsters brings all of this excitement, this is only the first of four seasonal updates SMITE is implementing this year, and the developers at Titan Forge Games promise “five more MTG legends will travel to this plane with the next update, for a total of 10 playable skins from Magic: The Gathering.”

Fans can jump into the action starting TODAY, and players who purchase the Year 10 Pass can net exclusive instant unlocks and year-long content for all upcoming Gods in 2023, additionally, the purchase gives users 1000 Gems and the Calamity Cat Sol Skin right away. Fans interested in the inner workings of patch notes can also find highly detailed notes on their official site.

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