Stranger Things and Magic: The Gathering Team Up for an Exciting 9-Card Cross Over

Stranger Things and Magic: The Gathering Team Up for an Exciting 9-Card Cross Over

In a huge move, MTG and Stranger Things have decided to journey the upside down together with a total of nine new MTG cards for fans.

Stranger Things just got more…magical.

As the previously announced card set that features fan-favourite characters from Netflix’s Stranger Things, more have been announced that includes far more of the cast that brings players of Magic: The Gathering into the fictitious town of Hawkins.

Previously announced, the two-card set that featured everyone’s favourite detective Jim Hopper, and telekinetic Eleven from the hit series was teased by the MTG website. The card art was also true to form, as it is pictured here:

Featuring the actors in their trademark positions. The cards come with a new incentive to feature them in decks, as the ‘Friends Forever’ ability allows them to lead a Commander-style deck in true Hawkins fashion.

MTG decided to pull the curtain back on the remaining seven cards in the series this time around. They all feature unique abilities that pull from their very strange origins. This is also notably the first time a Dungeons & Dragons originally inspired creature has crossed the threshold into MTG, which is exciting for Dungeon Masters.

The card list is of seven more Hawkins characters in true form, and they also all contain abilities notable to die-hard fans of the series. The whole nine-card list is here.

Card List

  • 1x Chief Jim Hopper
  • 1x Dustin, Gadget Genius
  • 1x Eleven, the Mage
  • 1x Lucas, the Sharpshooter
  • 1x Max, the Daredevil
  • 1x Mike, the Dungeon Master
  • 1x Mind Flayer, the Shadow
  • 1x Will the Wise
  • 1x Clue Token

The set is a Secret Lair drop and is not the first of its kind. Secret Lair produces high-end MTG cards that are limited by design and feature notable collaborations. The most recent of these was the Extra Life 2020 drop, featuring the importance of family.

This Secret Lair Stranger Things x Magic: The Gathering drops on October 18 in time for the Halloween season.

Fans who want to enter the upside-down while playing MTG can find the countdown link here.

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