SMITE Season 5 Kicks Off With Revamped Map And New God

| Jan 4, 2018
SMITE Season 5 Kicks Off With Revamped Map And New God 5

SMITE Season 5 begins with a slew of new content, to kick off the new year.

The Season 5 Conquest Map will feature upgraded artwork and highly requested tweaks to the premier 5v5 game mode. The new map will be available for players to try on January 17th on SMITE’s public test server.

Smite Season 5 Kicks Off With Revamped Map And New God 1
Smite – Hi-Rez Studios

In a statement about this new map, SMITE Lead Game Designer A.J. “Ajax” Walker stated:

“The Season 5 map will feature perfect vertical symmetry between Order and Chaos. Lanes and Jungle paths will have the exact same shape on top and bottom. This balances the map, and removes timing differences to each side. Overall, this creates a more consistent gameplay experience.”

A.J. “Ajax” Walker went on to express that: “Our goal for these changes is to provide a unified aesthetic that breathes new life into the map, while improving the gameplay experience.”

Smite Season 5 Kicks Off With Revamped Map And New God 2

In addition to the revamped map, Hi-Rez Studios unveiled their 93rd playable character, Cerberus, the three-headed guardian of the Underworld. Hi-Rez promises that two other God characters from two new pantheons, Slavic and Voodoo are scheduled to come out later this year.

The SMITE World Championship starts on January 3rd, the full weekend coverage of the event will be streamed on Twitch.

SMITE is available for free on , PlayStation 4 and Steam. Those subscribed to PlayStation Plus will receive 20 Gods and 21 skins, free of charge.

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