Cthulhu Coming to SMITE in Mid-June 2020

The Beast Awakens From Its Slumber

Cthulhu Coming to SMITE in Mid-June 2020 2

Cthulhu is coming as a featured character in Hi-Rez Studios’ free-to-play MOBA SMITE, adding another notable deity to the game’s collection.

In a release, Hi-Rez stated the iconic character from H.P Lovecraft’s stories is “set to be one of the most memorable God releases” in the game’s history while it fits under SMITE‘s Great Old Ones pantheon.

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Released in 2014, the third person RPG lets players become different gods as they fight hordes of enemies under a PvE environment. Players can also control their own legions of online and AI companions as they take on other teams in a variety of multiplayer modes. The gods themselves are also based on traditional backgrounds and cultures while each have their own unique abilities.

For Cthulu, the character’s hulking size comes from his ability to control enemies while taking over entire realms. In popular culture, his appearance also takes the form of an octopus, dragon and human.

It’s still unknown if Cthulhu will be a playable character in SMITE, as most notable gods come with their own controls and skillsets to fit the gameplay. Its image shows Zeus facing up on the gargantuan creature, implying Cthulhu could be an enemy with a horde of mind-flayed minions.

Interestingly, the announcement by Hi-Rez addresses requests made by fans to bring Cthulhu into SMITE with suggestions coming from the game’s Reddit community for abilities and backstory.

More details in Cthulhu’s appearance in SMITE are set to be revealed on May 27 across Hi-Rez Studios’ Twitch channel while the terrifying character is coming in an update mid-June.

SMITE is available as a downloadable game on PC, Mac, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

Clement Goh
Clement Goh

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