Hitman Season 2 Announced in Recent Interview

| November 4, 2016
Hitman Season 2 Announced in Recent Interview 2

IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman has essentially restarted the series for many eager fans. Rebounding off the mixed response that Hitman: Absolution received during its 2012 release, the new series features a return to the franchise’s roots: or, at least, the critical acclaim that Hitman: Blood Money accomplished as an open-world high-profile murder simulator. With a physical release coming in January and Season 1 wrapping up in Japan, some fans have been left wondering whether another season is on its way. Indeed, it appears Hitman isn’t concluding any time soon. A recent interview in the French gaming publication Gamergen revealed a brand new season is planned after the inaugural run.

Originally posted on NeoGAF, translated information from the original interview clues fans a bit more into what they can expect from a second iteration of Hitman. For one, Season 2 will add on to the initial base game: no need to download a second build. Season 1 unlocks will be available for Season 2, so in-game progress will carry throughout missions. Season 1 maps will still see Elusive Targets and Escalation Missions, and new locations and missions may return to previously featured cities and countries. In short, Season 2 suggests IO Interactive wants their 2016 Hitman offering to be an ongoing series within the franchise, allowing a large range of locations and levels available to the player by the time to the game is done.

Which begs the question: what exactly will be added into the new Hitman season? Season 1 featured a variety of locations with myriad interactive elements, from right-wing militia disguises to fireworks distractions to deploy. Plus, it seems likely that IO Interactive will revisit areas such as the United States and France, which have traditionally featured in the Hitman series. It’s hard to say for certain where Season 2 will take players, but if the first season is any indicator, it’s bound to be a fresh experience for the franchise. Stay tuned as more news is announced in the coming months ahead.

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