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Xbox Rumored To Be Working With Hitman Developer Io Interactive On New Ip Codenamed &Quot;Project Dragon&Quot;

Xbox Rumoured To Be Working With IO Interactive On “Project Dragon”

 |  Steven Green
IO Interactive, best known for the Hitman series, is rumoured to be working on an Xbox-exclusive new property set in the fantasy genre with an open world and dragons.
Saying Goodbye To Hitman'S World Of Assassination

Saying Goodbye to Hitman’s World of Assassination

 |  Preston Dozsa
With the release of Hitman 3, the World of Assassination Trilogy comes to a close. We look back at what exactly made us fall in love with IO Interactive’s expertly crafted stealth game.
Hitman 3 (Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One) Review

Hitman 3 (Xbox Series X/S) Review

 |  Khari Taylor
The conclusion to the Hitman: World of Assassination trilogy is here. Does the third and final game push the envelope, or just seal it with a pretty bow?
Io Interactive Announces Project 007

IO Interactive Announces Project 007

 |  Chris De Hoog
Hitman creators IO Interactive have announced Project 007, a new original James Bond game in partnership with MGM Studios.
Hitman 2 (Xbox One) Review

Hitman 2 (Xbox One) Review

 |  Mike Cosimano
Hitman 2 is an odd duck. The fact it exists at all after Square Enix and IO Interactive’s breakup is something of a miracle, even before you consider the returning emphasis on large, detailed, unquestionably expensive murder playgrounds. You can plainly see where the development team cut a few small corners to make it out […]
Welcome To The Jungle! New Hitman 2 Video Teases Next Location – Colombia 1

Welcome to the Jungle! New HITMAN 2 Video Teases Next Location – Colombia

 |  CGMagazine
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive today released a new video at PAX West teasing the next destination featured in HITMAN 2 – Colombia. This new setting will put players directly in the heart of a dark and dangerous South American rainforest, providing a vastly different canvas for Agent 47 to carry out his deadly missions. Truly […]
Io Interactive Announces Hitman 2 1

IO Interactive Announces Hitman 2

 |  Zubi Khan
Earlier Today, IO Interactive announced Hitman 2 through their official Twitter account. The announcement included a small teaser-trailer for the upcoming game.
Hitman (2016): Episode One (Ps4) Review

IO Interactive Spreads The Holiday Cheer With Free Hitman Paris Episode

 |  Zubi Khan
IO Interactive, best known for their work on the Hitman series announced today that the Hitman Paris episode will be available for free for a limited time, to celebrate the holiday season.
Former Io Interactive Devs Release New Trailer For Echo

Former IO Interactive Devs Release New Trailer for Echo

 |  Remington Joseph
Former IO Interactive developers revealed a new trailer their upcoming game, Echo.
Square Enix May Include Hitman Rights In Io Sale

Square Enix May Include Hitman Rights in IO Sale

 |  Cody Orme
Following the release of a published transcription of Square Enix’s May 11, 2017 financial briefing, more information has been dropped on the break up between the publisher of Final Fantasy and IO Interactive.

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