Xbox Rumoured To Be Working With IO Interactive On “Project Dragon”

Xbox Rumored To Be Working With Hitman Developer IO Interactive On New IP Codenamed "Project Dragon"

IO Interactive, best known for the Hitman series, is rumoured to be working on an Xbox-exclusive new property set in the fantasy genre with an open world and dragons.

Following the opening of a new studio in Barcelona, IO Interactive discussed starting development on an all-new IP, and according to a rumour originally reported on at Windows Central, that game could be being made in partnership with Xbox. The mystery title is rumoured to be a AAA project in a fantasy/medieval setting.

Lacking in specific details, the rumour also mentions that the game would be an open-world project featuring dragons, hence the code-name “Project Dragon”. The game is very early in development, which would explain the slim pickings in terms of information, but this would follow suit with much of what Xbox has been doing as of late.

Hitman Developer Io Interactive Rumored To Be Working On Xbox Title Codenamed “Project Dragon”
Source: Windows Central via IO Interactive Job Listing

The rumour picked up steam with job listings on the IO Interactive website that show information specifically matching up with the current information. The multiplayer-centric positions would match up with what has been reported, as this title is rumoured to be a “connected-world RPG”, much like Destiny.

Since this is simply a generic job listing, and nothing has been officially announced, this rumor should obviously not be taken completely seriously until more information surfaces. However, enough dots are being connected to give this some real credence.

Xbox has been on a tirade opening new studios and purchasing existing ones, and considering the fact IO Interactive has been amping up their production between their recent release, Hitman 3, and the newly-announced Project 007, it would also make plenty of sense that Microsoft could have made the call to see what was happening at IO’s new studio.

Either way, this title would be extremely early in development, so much could change over the coming years.

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