Hokko Life launches on Early Access on June 2nd

| May 12, 2021
Hokko Life launches on Early Access on June 2nd

Wonderscope Games has announced that its cozy community simulation game, Hokko Life is launching on PC through early access on June 2nd.

The Team17-published game welcomes players into the laid-back town of Hokko. Start your new virtual life after hopping off the train and takeover Hokko’s old workshop and get creative while using materials to design everything in town to your level of desire. The game is inspired by Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but Hokko Life goes beyond the Nintendo game and allows players to customize every small detail. That includes adjusting the specific position and angle of a position of a couch cushion or the size of wallpaper.

Hokko Life players can look forward to getting into the game’s editing system which includes tweaking shapes, materials and colours. The game also allows you to design clothing or furniture to perfection with a 3D design tool that’s a bit reminiscent of MS paint. All produced designs can be shared with friends. If you’re not feeling creatively motivated, you can put some time into building up your collection of creatures by either fishing or hunting bugs. If that isn’t your jam then starting up your personal garden is something you can do in the game which feels very inspired by Harvest Moon.

You aren’t alone in Hokko though as you can meet and interact with a cast of Animal Crossing-inspired neighbours which could make for fantastic friends. As you progress throughout the game you can expand the town for more neighbours to move in and more buildings to create.

Wonderscope Games and Team17 first teamed up to bring Hokko Life to PC back in early April of last year. PC players interested in the game can wishlist Hokko Life on Steam and check it out when the cozy life sim launches through early access on June 2nd.

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