Horizon Call of the Mountain Patch Notes For Update 1.04 Landed

Climbing Over Hiccups

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Horizon Call of the Mountain has been out a little over a month now, and update 1.04 has now unveiled its extensive patch notes for the title.

The PSVR 2 and the flagship Sony published title Horizon Call of the Mountain is still moving full steam ahead a month after launch, with patches to make the title a more smooth experience. This is well after a month since the launch date, and the detailed notes from patch 1.03 were provided by Sony. This time around, PushSquare has provided EXTENSIVE details on the patch, including much-needed accessibility options.

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Blurred vision effects, as well as slow motion, can now be toggled to completely off for those with motion sickness during the long jump segments of the title, but Horizon Call of the Mountain has also eliminated the option to go through the tutorials when replaying missions. This was not an option before the update and takes away some of the tedium surrounding replaying missions.

Horizon Call of the Mountain Update 1.04 Notes

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As far as accessibility goes, improved subtitle options allow the player to enable black boxes to frame subtitles, change of subtitle colours to denote different speakers, and increased font sizes for subtitles, tutorials and user action prompts. A high contrast mode was also enabled to highlight objects users can interact with. Auto crafting allows the player to completely gloss over the crafting mechanics, so items like arrows can just be auto-crafted.

While having the option to disable tutorials is a godsend in any video game, replaying missions can be an absolute chore when having to hold hands the entire way. Horizon Call of the Mountain has completely fixed this, which is a breath of fresh air. Of course, with major improvements like the ones outlined above, there are behind-the-scenes patch notes such as “various crash and performance fixes” that players won’t recognize right away but create an overall smoother experience.

Fans looking for the whole list can swing to the update website for in-depth information regarding the new patch. The PSVR 2 and Horizon Call of the Mountain are available now.

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Philip Watson

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