Horror Fans Descend onto Niagra

Horror Fans Descend onto Niagra 7

The fall brings all things Halloween and horror, and for Niagra Falls Ontario, it also brings one of Canadas biggest horror cons, Frightmare in the Falls.

With there being so many genre and horror fans, it is no wonder to see so many flocking to the Scotia Bank Convention Center to see what 50,000 square feet of all things horror can offer. From vendors, photo opportunities, special effects, props, celebrities and an after-party, Frightmare in the Falls has secured its self as the predominant con for anyone in the mood for the macabre. 

Walking into the convention center, and you are immediate hit by the excitement of everyone attending. From the vendors to the attendees, to the cosplayers, this is a con for people that love the medium. Yet despite the love for the genre, it also has a welcoming feeling, people are eager to talk and try to help. And while Frightmare in the Falls may not be on the same scale as shows like NYCC or SDCC, everything on offer was unique, fun, and uniquely horror or genre-focused. From vendors to guests, for everyone who likes horror, this is a con built by and for people like them.

With so many vendors in one place and so little time to see everything, We wanted to highlight some of the stand out vendors, artists and personalities worth checking out, even after Frightmare in the Falls comes to an end, on October 27th.

Scare Ware Productions

With Halloween upon us, getting a quality mask is a daunting task. There are so many cheap, throw away options, but few with quality. This is where Scare Ware Productions comes into the mix. This little company works to make quality, life-like masks, that all come with reasonable prices. While these are not as inexpensive as what you could find at a standard store, these masks are some that will be useable long down the road. Using high-quality materials including latex, resin and silicone, these are a vendor well worth checking out if you are at Fightmare this weekend, or vias their facebook

Rotton Rags

Horror Fans Descend Onto Niagra

It can be hard to find good horror t-shirts. There are plenty online that cut corners, or just don’t love the genre to craft something special. This is where Rotton Rags comes into the picture. This little group makes some phenomenal shirts, quality made, and with some stunning designs that even the most discerning horror fan will enjoy. You can find them on the show floor, or via their website: shop.rottenrags.com.

Surreal Studios and Sick Creeps Inc.

Sometimes the desire to have a 1:1 replica from your favourite horror movies and shows is overpowering, thankfully that is where Surreal Studios and Sick Creeps come into play. This group specializes in crafting replicas of some of the most unforgettable creatures and probs for the horror fan that has everything. You can find them this weekend at Frightmare in the Falls, or via their facebook.

It is impossible to highlight everyone at the show, with so many different unique vendors in the mix, but this gives a taste of what is in store at the con this weekend. There is still one day should you want to give the event a look. To find out more about Frightmare in the Falls, check out their website, where you can also find a list of all the vendors and attractions art this year’s show. 

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