Hot Wheels Skate Finally Comes to Canada with Fingerboards!

hot wheels skate finally comes to canada with fingerboards 164824

Hot Wheels, partnered with Tony Hawk, is launching a new fingerboard product line available in Canada!

Fingerboarding has always been an interesting hobby and a newly renowned sport. Imagine skateboarding but instead of your two feet, you are manipulating a finger-sized board with only two of your fingers. It takes major skills and time to perfect your ollie, kickflip and grind. The toy line plans to expand the fingerboard space with the help of Tony Hawk and some unique new products for new and old fans.

World-renowned skateboarder Tony Hawk has been in the gaming industry for a while with his hit games, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. The Company has “teamed up with the legendary skateboarder to inspire the next generation of skaters. With our fingerboards and playsets, kids can ramp up their skills and reach amazing heights!”

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Hot Wheels Skate plans to make its fingerboard line more inclusive and accessible to all ages, from beginners to experts without rules or limits. How are they planning to do this? They’re adding fingerboards that come with shoes, the perfect size for your fingers, that clip onto the boards. With these clip-on shoes, beginners will be able to execute stunts that skilled fingerboarders would have difficulty mastering.

These new Hot Wheels Skate sets will be available at Walmart, they include:

  • Fingerboard + Shoe Assorted Pack – $4.99 CAD: Each fully assembled Hot Wheels fingerboard comes with a pair of stylish, removable skate shoes, designed to keep fingertips in place when learning to shred and ollie like a pro. Groms can build confidence and get the feel for the board and its movements before removing the shoes and trying more difficult manoeuvres.
  • Amusement Park Skate Set – $44.99 CAD: The Hot Wheels Skate™ Amusement Park Skate Set is the ultimate skate destination packed with wicked obstacles, rad designs and skate-activated sounds for an amped-up play experience! This massive playset is ready for epic finger-boarding stunts with ramps, ledges, rails and half pipes as well as trigger buttons that activate awesome music mid-shred.
  • Fingerboard + Shoe 4-Pack – $19.99 CAD: Perform gnarly stunts and master elite moves with this multipack of Hot Wheels Skate™ fingerboards and skate shoes. The set includes four different, awesomely styled and fully assembled fingerboards along with two different pairs of shoes that can be used interchangeably with all boards. 
  • Collector Series Assortment – $8.99 CAD: Embrace the full Hot Wheels Skate experience with this sweet set that includes a fingerboard and skate shoes plus one Hot Wheels vehicle. Each set has matching details featuring metallic board graphics and an exclusive Hot Wheels vehicle.

If you love these products and want to get more into Hot Wheels and its gaming world, check out Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels, or Hot Wheels Unleashed. Don’t forget to check out the fingerboard products and look at the how-to videos below to help you perfect your fingerboard skills.

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