How Long is God of War Ragnarök?

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With the release of the highly praised God Of Wa Ragnarök, many people were curious to see how long this undeniably awesome experience actually was.

With the latest release of God Of War Ragnarök now here, and players eagerly diving in to experience Kratos’ latest adventure, there is the question on how long the game really is. Past games in the series have ranged in length, with God of War 2018 having a 20+ hour main story, with a potential 51 hours for a full completionist play though, while games prior like God of War III or God of War: Ascension clocked in well under 20 hours on average.

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How Long is God Of War: Ragnarök?

As with any story-focused game, the time to actually finish God Of War: Ragnarök can vary, but from our time with the game, and other sources, we have compiled a good guide to help sort out the needed time for everything depending on your play style.

Normal Playthrough: When playing on normal difficulty where people usually explore most of the regions and the big side quests, users can expect to finish the game in at least 25-30 hours.

Main Story Only: If you want to speed things along and quickly go through the main storyline only, it was estimated that your playtime might clock in at about 21 hours or less.

Endgame: After beating the game, there are some post-story things that happen that generate more content for you, so in addition to doing all those extra side quests you can expect it to last about 37 hours.

100% Completion: When you finish the game fully and do all the hunting through the realms for collectibles, beating extremely difficult endgame bosses and completing all combat challenges, it was estimated that the game could last around 40-54 hours in total. More if you’re not using any guides.

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This play tempo is similar to past games in the franchise, all of which maintained the trend of lengthy and intricate gameplay, which is why players are encouraged to learn as much as they can from this game, such as its in-depth side quests, which shed a surprising amount of light on the plot and characters, rather than hurrying through it.

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