Huawei Sets To Make Computers Faster Than Ever With New ARM-Based CPU

Huawei Sets To Make Computers Faster Than Ever With New ARM-Based CPU 1

For long customers have wondered how a MacBook powered by Apple’s in-house CPU would perform, but as the Chinese technology industry advances, it seems as if media-giant Huawei is looking to beat them to the punch.

On January 7th, 2019, after the company’s breakthrough with its insanely powerful Kirin 980 mobile processor, Huawei went on stage in Shenzhen, China, to announce what Huawei considers the computing world’s future in the form of its new Kunpeng 920 CPU.

As far as speed is concerned, the Kunpeng 920 CPU claims to the fastest in the industry, using 7nm technology that allows for a fluid implementation of Huawei’s smart AI algorithm, creating for a smooth and self-learning device that properly allocates resources, creating a better computing experience. Furthermore, Huawei is also integrating 64 cores at a frequency of 2.6.GHz, while also providing 8 channels of DDR4 memory. When benchmarks are considered, Huawei states that its latest CPU is 25% faster than anything currently avalible on the market.

Despite moving into a new market however, Huawei has tainted much of its core views when producing its new powerhouse. On a press statement, Huawei stated:

“Huawei believes that an intelligent society with all things connected, sensing, and intelligent is underway, and this trend is picking up speeds. The development and convergence of ARM-based applications on smart terminals are accelerating, along with cloud-device collaboration. In addition, new applications in cloud computing are driving data diversity. For example, big data applications, distributed storage, and some edge computing scenarios have specific energy efficiency requirements for many-core high-performance computing. In such a context, ARM systems stand out with unique advantages in performance and power consumption.Therefore, in view of the industry trends and application requirements, a new era of diversified computing is unfolding. Multiple data types and scenarios are driving computing architecture optimization. Combining multiple computing architectures for optimal performance becomes a must.”

Little is known about the exact date Huawei’s new CPU will see its first product release, or how good it may come to be in actuality, but considering recent rumours surrounding the upcoming unveil of the company’s P30 Pro, it is probable that we may come to know more about Huawei’s computing future very briefly.

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