Image to Publish Web Comic God Hates Astronauts

Image to Publish Web Comic God Hates Astronauts 1

Today the comic blog Multiveristy Comics has announced that Image comics will be publishing the return of the popular web comic God Hates Astronauts.

God Hates Astronauts has been described as The Venture Bros mixed with the Billy Bob Thornton movie The Astro Farmer by creator Ryan Browne.

The series which was created, written, and illustrated by Browne over the course of six years, follows a team of self absorbed superheroes who have been hired by NASA to stop farmers from launching themselves into space.

Unfortunately for NASA, the team gets wrapped up in almost everything but the astro farmers including bank robbing owls and alien tigers who eat cheeseburgers.

The original series only lasted three issues and was only sold by Browne at conventions before he uploaded them online for free.

In March of this year, Browne launched a Kickstarter for a giant hardcover version of the series and was successfully funded well beyond it’s goal. The edition featured retouched art, text, and colours.

The relaunch of God Hates Astronauts will be published by Image and will be out sometime in August of this year.

Tyler Reynolds
Tyler Reynolds

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