Intellivision Veterans Join Forces for New Gaming Console

| May 29, 2018
Intellivision Veterans Join Forces for New Gaming Console 1

Intellivision Entertainment just announced it will be releasing a new home video game console, emphasizing simplicity, affordability, family and fun.

“I grew up playing Intellivision with my parents and younger brother,” said Tallarico, president of  Intellivision Entertainment and a 30-year video game industry veteran.

“It was always my favourite system because the games were cutting edge, yet fun and simple to play so our entire family could enjoy them together. I find those important elements to generally be lacking from our industry with the current modern gaming consoles,” he said.

“Our goal is to change that by focusing on bringing all age groups and levels of gamers and non-gamers together while introducing new generations of people to the legacy success of the Intellivision brand.”

While the original Intellivision system was released in 1979, the popularity of it allowed it to sell millions of units across three decades. During that time, Intellivision created many ‘firsts’ in the video game industry. It was the first console to offer digital distribution, have 16-bit gaming, license professional sports leagues and bring speech and voice to games.

Following this tradition, the new system will carry on these ‘firsts’ with its new design, concept and gaming approach. Although the name of the new system is yet to be announced, gamers can look forward to its cutting-edge potential.

Original Intellivision team members like Steve Roney, the chairman and Bill Fisher, the vice-president of technology, will be playing a critical role in the development of the new console. Both have been involved with the company since 1981, and are experts in programming and design.

Other team members include Emily Reichbach Rosenthal, an eight-year Intellivision veteran and the company’s vice-president — who will head the licensing division, while contractor Paul Nurminen is now the vice-president of product development. The original leader in game design and development, David Warhol, will also be part of the team.

More details of the new Intellivision console will be released on October 1. Meanwhile, fans can subscribe for updates on the company’s website. The first 100,000 people to sign up will have the opportunity to buy a limited edition of the console that will not be available in stores.

On May 31 at 12 p.m. PST, there will be a live questions and answers period on Facebook.

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