Japanese Developers Still All About The PS3

| Thursday December 12, 2013

Last night, yet another Japanese game was announced. Tales of Zestiria, the next release in the ever-popular Tales franchise, will be coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3.

This title joins the likes of Persona 5, Tales of Symphonia: Chronicles, The Witch and the Hundred Knights, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD and more as Japanese exclusives on Sony’s aging console. Coincidentally, the PlayStation 4 won’t be releasing to Japan till February 22, 2014, a few months after pretty much every other country. Could this be an act of defiance from Japanese developers? Probably not. But it is interesting how many of these titles are last-gen exclusives. 

It’s also easy to forget that the PS2 had life beyond its generation, with both Persona 3 and 4 coming out on it after the PS3 had already released. This is yet another reason that holding onto your old hardware makes sense. Oh backwards compatibility, how we miss thee.

Tales of Zestiria features a dragon logo, and a plot that revolves around two warring empires. You can check out the reveal trailer here.


Tales of Zestiria has been announced as a worldwide title, and will come to both North America and Europe.

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