In Exciting News, Jeffrey Dean Morgan Joins The Boys Season 4

Jeffrey Dean Morgan In The Boys For Big Season 4 Is A Dream Come True 2

The official The Boys Twitter account dropped a bombshell as they announced Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be joining the superhero show for the fourth season.

Sometimes, all it takes to set an exciting bomb off on Twitter is an acting choice. The Boys, a show loaded with ‘supes’ did just that by adding a second Supernatural star — the first being Jensen Ackles — Jeffrey Dean Morgan to the star-studded cast of The Boys for season four, right after its announcement. Jeffrey Dean Morgan has a storied acting career with roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Watchmen and earning two Saturn Awards for his role as Negan in The Walking Dead.

Morgan himself is elated by the news, also responding on Twitter with “Can’t tell you how excited I am! Big thanks to @therealKripke and @AMCPlus & @TheBoysTV for finding a way with both schedules. No easy task. SO DAMN STOKED!!” Prior to the acting choice, showrunner Eric Kripke has been on record vocalizing his desire to bring Morgan on according to E! News, and that desire has finally come to fruition.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan In The Boys For Big Season 4 Is A Dream Come True

Although literally NOTHING has been revealed about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s involvement with the hit series, speculation can commence considering the confirmation has been made. It’s also worth mentioning it has yet to be confirmed if he will be wearing tights either. Playing the Comedian in Watchmen may give viewers a sneak peek on how he will be portrayed.

Eric Kripke, a longtime writer of Supernatural, has also said in the same interview where he mentioned the possibility of Morgan joining the show that he would cast other main actor from the series in the show as well, stating “I mean, he’s really busy with his empire over there in Austin, but if it was willing to play, I would put him on the show in a second,” in reference to Jared Padalecki, who acted alongside Jensen Ackles, and Morgan in the CW show.

Season four of The Boys is in the production stage, and fans will just have to wait and see on what role Jeffrey Dean Morgan will assume in the show.

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