Just Cause Creator Fathoms Xbox One Disappointment

| May 28, 2013
Just Cause Creator Fathoms Xbox One Disappointment

It has been a week since Microsoft’s Xbox One’s reveal, and while the hype has died down, the lukewarm consensus still remains. According to Avalanche Studios’ founder Christofer Sundberg, he understands Xbox One’s negative reception.

“I understand the disappointment of many fans, but I am confident their disappointment is in the lack of focus on games during the reveal, rather than in the console,” Sundberg tells VideoGamer.com in an interview. “I hope Microsoft will turn that around at E3.”

The Xbox One was criticized for a variety of issues, ranging from online requirements to policies on used software. At the tip of the iceberg, Microsoft’s focus on TV and entertainment on the Xbox One didn’t sit well with fans. While Sundberg understands Microsoft’s decision to focus on multimedia at the Xbox One reveal, he feels that might play against them.

“If Microsoft had presented themselves as the ‘ultimate gaming console’ they’d [have] quickly lost attention from mainstream media,” Sundberg says.

Nonetheless, Sundberg says he is impressed with Xbox One’s capabilities, as he and his team at Avalanche were working with the Xbox One for a while. Sundberg says Xbox One’s “powerful hardware” would give way to making his games look great on screen.

Avalanche will be making their appearance at this year’s E3; Sundberg describes it to be the biggest since Just Cause’s announcement at 2005’s E3. Microsoft will hold an E3 press conference on June 10, hoping to reveal more information in regards to the Xbox One.

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