Just Cause devs introduce Renegade Ops

| Apr 1, 2011

Avalanche Studios is teaming with Sega to bring the co-op shooter to the digital marketplace in 2011.

Avalanche Studios will soon be bringing their Just Cause expertise to the world of downloadable shooters. The Swedish developer has announced Renegade Ops, a new Sega-published co-op military shooter about an elite team of commandos sent in to stop Inferno, a terrorist madman bent on global domination. Renegade Ops will feature the usual assortment of ridiculous guns and vehicles and will support single player, two-player local split screen, and four-player online co-op gameplay.

“A number of developers in the studio wanted to try developing a smaller digital project, so we gathered a team, built a new IP and SEGA gave us the opportunity to carry this out,” said Senior Producer Andreas Thorsén. “The IP is all about driving or flying around blowing stuff up while playing with your friends and that to us, is a dream-project.”

If Just Cause is any indication, Renegade Ops will at least have a decent sense of humor. The “Renegade” in the title refers to a clandestine team organized by one General Bryant, and the plot only kicks off after Inferno demos a new super weapon and the various world leaders decide to do nothing.

Renegade Ops will be available for download via the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade later in 2011. Avalanche says that this will not be their last foray into digital distribution.

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