K-Pop: Demon Hunters Musical In Development At Sony Animation

K-Pop: Demon Hunters Musical In Development At Sony Animation 1
Sony Pictures Animation has announced K-Pop: Demon Hunters, a new animated musical about pop stars who moonlight as supernatural slayers.

Per Variety, the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse studio’s next film will be directed by Maggie Kang, a Dreamworks veteran who previously served as head of story for The LEGO Ninjago Movie. Following “a world-renowned girl group” that lives a double life of performing and battling otherworldly fiends, Kang describes it as “my love letter to K-Pop and my Korean roots.”

“It encompasses and celebrates everything K-Pop is – it’s the film I would want to see as a lifelong fan and I hope the millions of K-Pop fans out there in the world will feel the same.”

Joining Kang is co-director Chris Appelhans, another seasoned illustrator who wrote and directed the upcoming Wish Dragon, starring John Cho. Appelhans told Variety he “always wanted to do a film about the power of music – to unite, bring joy, build community. K-Pop is the greatest embodiment of this in our lifetime, and we’re really excited to honor and showcase that through the lens of animation.”

The script will be penned by Hannah McMechan and Danya Jimenez, who work under the collective moniker Hanya. The pair created buzz for their screenplay “Luna Likes,” an undocumented teen who wants to follow in Anthony Bourdain’s footsteps. Aron Werner of Shrek fame will produce, with Raya and the Last Dragon staff Mingjue Helen Chen and Ami Thompson as production designer and art director, respectively.

No date has been announced at this time. Sony Pictures Animation’s current slate of films includes Wish Dragon, arriving later this year; Hotel Translyvania 4, due August 6; and the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse sequel, planned for October 2022.

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