Kamiya Asking Fans What Sequel They Want Most

| November 13, 2015
Kamiya Asking Fans What Sequel They Want Most

Hideki Kamiya known for such games as Ōkami, Devil May Cry and Bayonetta took to Twitter to survey fans.

Two surveys were to set up by him, using the new Twitter survey feature. In the first survey, he asked fans if they would rather see a sequel to Ōkami or DMC, and in the second he asked if they would rather see Viewtiful Joe or Ōkami. In both cases, people sounded off with a resounding yes to the Ōkami option.

Does  this mean Kamiya is working on a new Ōkami already? Of course not, but it does give a sign that he is looking to see what fans want, and he is considering the options. It would be interesting to see if anything were to come from this, but it is interesting to see the still strong support of Ōkami. With such a beautiful and memorable work, it is no wonder people want to see more from that franchise. The only obstacle would be Capcom, we will have to see how this all plays out.

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