Kamiya: Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter are not “Worldwide Famous” Games

| November 16, 2015
Kamiya: Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter are not "Worldwide Famous" Games

Hideki Kamiya, best known for Platinum Studios, Devil May Cry, and Bayonetta, took to Twitter to discuss what he would consider “worldwide famous games.” 

He tweeted that “To me, what I may considered as “worldwide famous game” is whether or not some ladies from Sugamo knew or maybe heard about that game.” With this Kamiya is simply outlining that if someone not familiar with games knows about a game, it is “world famous”. Sadly not many games really fit into this category.

Kamiya states: “Super Mario and Dragon Quest applies to that list, Zelda, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy are in borderline position” he goes on to say that “Metal Gear Solid and Monster Hunter are not on that list, unfortunately”

All in all, I would have to agree with him, yes Metal Gear and Monster Hunter are massive franchises worldwide, but they still have not broken fully into the cultural lexicon. People do know the names of Mario, Zelda and Resident Evil. If nothing more, they are games people grew up around and learned about tangentially. They have been in many forms of media including movies, cartoons, and merchandise.

What do you think, are there any games that you would consider “worldwide famous”?

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