KOPLAYER emulates both mobile apps and games to your PC

| Apr 4, 2016
KOPLAYER emulates both mobile apps and games to your PC 1

Mobile gamers looking to upgrade their experience to a bigger screen at home should look no further than KOPLAYER. The program is a Windows-Android emulator that allows the player to run one or more Windows mobile or Android games.

To get started with using KOPLAYER all the user has to do is install the program, connect a Gmail account, open the Play Store and install your favourite games. This program makes playing ‘time-based’ F2P games like Clash of Clans much easier to keep up with when your mobile device isn’t available or you want the benefit of using a larger screen.

Games that rely on touchscreen controls can be keybinded on the fly using F12 or by clicking the icon in the left menu. The control editor isn’t the most intuitive element of KOPLAYER and games designed for a touchscreen experience may not play too well with emulated controls.

KOPLAYER still works well with a variety of games such as real-time or turn-based strategy games where the mouse can make a suitable replacement for a users finger. Angry Birds, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are a games that perform flawlessly using KOPLAYER.

KOPLAYER emulates both mobile apps and games to your PC 2

KOPLAYER supports 1280×720 and 1024×600 resolutions and enables the user to configure the amount of video RAM dedicated to the display. It even has a few fun features like the ability to take screenshots of your gameplay and even a ‘boss key’ if you’re someone who like to be sly and play games at work.

Lastly, the user can use the KOPLAYER Multi-Manager to use multiple apps and games simultaneously.

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