Korea’s Overwatch PTR Reveals Information About Competitive Play

| June 21, 2016
Korea's Overwatch PTR Reveals Information About Competitive Play 9

The next step in Blizzard’s master plan for Overwatch, Competitive Mode, now has more information available courtesy of the Korean Public Test Realm.

In a series of posts on the South Korean site Inven, screenshots of settings for the PTR as well as images of the golden weapons, which are competitive-mode exclusive, were unleashed on to the player base.

One interesting thing to note is the strange, purple symbol that appears in the above two images. This is a brand new symbol not seen in-game before and it is theorized to be a form of currency tied to competitive rewards. Jeff Kaplan, game director on Overwatch, had already mentioned in a developer diary that golden weapons would be tied to the competitive mode.

Here’s a look at some of the golden weapons:

Over on NeoGAF, there is currently a thread with translations of the information tabs that were shown off, which seem to indicate competitive rank going from one to 100 and each season lasting around three months.

Competitive mode is still expected to be released sometime at the end of June.

UPDATE – Blizzard has opened up the PTR worldwide for PC players. More details on how to access the PTR can be found on a blog post on the official Overwatch website.

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