LeEco Hits US Markets Strong, Unveils Variety of Smart Devices

LeEco Hits US Markets Strong, Unveils Variety of Smart Devices

Chinese tech company LeEco has been making waves recently. Last month, former Huawei President Richard Ren joined LeEco as the company’s North American president. Today, LeEco US launched with an exciting livestream event. Listed below are some of the top highlights from the announcement.

First, a bit about LeEco. LeEco’s tech line is based on an open-content product “ecosystem,” which is “closed and curated for you” yet built “with you.” The idea is that products are in communication with one another and connected. This allows “seamless, unified experience” among hardware, such as TV streaming on a mobile phone.

LeEco’s flagship EcoTV uMax85 was the first major unveiling from the tech giant. Featuring a 7ft screen, high quality dimming zones and support for HDR10 as well as Dolby Vision, the image quality output for this Smart TV looks quite strong. There’s also a variety of 4K TV choices alongside the uMax85, including the Super4X43Pro, the Super4X55 and the Super4X65. With an instant rebate of $1,000 USD, the uMax85 costs $3,999.

The 3rd generation of ecophones were also introduced with the Le Pro3. While streaming with LeEco’s LIVE, you can respond to messages without interrupting video content by simply tapping on floating notifications. The phone comes with LeEco’s Snapdragon processor, 4GB memory and 64GBs worth of storage. With the 4070mAh battery, the phone features 12 hours worth of video streaming alongside a 33 per cent charge in 20 minutes. Le Pro3 goes for $399 USD with a $100 instant rebate bumping it down to $299. There’s also the Le S3, which is the Le Pro3’s “little brother.” This phone isn’t quite as strong, but still offers a powerful experience.

The Le Super Bike was shown on stage and demoed in an extensive ad as well. The smartbike looks quit impressive. It features a bike alarm, an on-board lighting system and a location tracker. There’s also an intercom to chat with riders together on-the-go.

Most interesting of all, however, is LeSEE: LeEco’s electric car. This is part of a “SEE Plan,” for a “Super Electric Ecosystem.” The LeSEE plans to feature obstacle tracking, online content connection and zero emissions. Most importantly, these cars are autonomous in nature. LeEco wants these cars to be shared resources. They emphasized its abilities with a pre-recorded video from London, fresh off the set of the upcoming Transformers 5, with a model of the LeSEE shown off.

Those are all the major highlights from LeEco’s stream. The company is teasing a major announcement Nov 2nd, 10 am PT as well. What this could be yet is difficult to say. Certainly, stay tuned for the near future.

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