Life Is Strange Headed To The Mac App Store

| Jun 1, 2016
Life Is Strange Headed To The Mac App Store

It’s time to once again become an everyday hero, because Life is Strange is setting up for a storm of new players.

Feral Interactive, known for porting Triple-A games to Mac and Linux, announced on their website that the critically acclaimed Life is Strange would be making its way to the Mac App store. They also confirmed on twitter that a Steam OS/Linux version is on the way as well:

The sophomore release from Dontnod Entertainment, Life is Strange is an episodic title that follows the story of time traveler Max Caulfield and her best friend Chloe Price as they try to stop a catastrophic storm from destroying their home of Arcadia Bay. The game has a huge cult following since it’s initial release last year and has been confirmed to have a “Season 2” in development.

Life Is Strange Headed To The Mac App Store 1

A release date has not been confirmed, but each of the five episodes will be available for $5 each. Feral Interactive also has a minisite set up for the game.

UPDATE 1 – Feral Interactive has confirmed on Twitter a June 16 release date:

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